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Wealth Planning

It is more than just about preserving purchasing power

We work to ensure our clients, their families and future generations are financially stable and prosperous.

Wealth Planning
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About Us

We manage wealth based on a singular approach, where wealth is more than just the figures involved, it is a unique and personal experience. At Nello, we are not just committed to multiplying a client’s resources, but also to understand in detail their aspirations, goals and the legacy they want to leave the generations to come. 

Our approach is entirely personalized. It is based on the close collaboration of our experts and clients. Each strategy is meticulously tailored to their needs, to provide a tailor-made route to your financial destination.


The perfect solution for every profile

  • Investment Management

    Our Investment Management uses dynamic strategies to optimize your financial resources. We allocate assets according to your personal circumstances, your risk profile, your objectives and your investment horizon. 

    We offer exclusive access to international markets and innovative investment opportunities, including equities, fixed income, commodities and alternative investments, in order to ensure you have a strong and diverse portfolio.

  • Wealth Planning

    At Nello, we look after your wealth through strategic planning that focuses on the future. The resultant Wealth Planning is based on our exclusive service and innovative strategies. We promise to ensure there will be sustainable growth and financial security for several generations. We focus on organizing and expanding our clients' resources by applying efficient tax approaches and succession planning to ensure you have a significant and lasting legacy.

  • Family Office

    Our Family Office service is designed to protect, enhance and perpetuate your legacy and the resources of your family and business for future generations. We concentrate on family governance, investment management, estate planning and the financial education of family members. This is all intended to establish and ensure a lasting legacy.

  • Risk Management

    We use several advanced techniques to safeguard your resources - applying hedging strategies and developing customized solutions to mitigate the financial and market risks. 

    Our approach also includes making a detailed analysis of the risk profile, the diversification of the portfolio and applying sophisticated financial tools to guarantee that your investments are secure and resilient to market volatility.

Key Features of Nello Wealth Planning

Long Term Strategic Partnership

We are your partners, helping you to preserve and increase your assets. We are committed to ensuring the future and that there is a legacy for future generations. We think and act for the good of the long-term relationship with our client.

Efficient Bespoke Solutions

We offer customized solutions that reflect your individual goals, needs and tolerance to risk. We choose investment vehicles that can provide the most efficient tax benefits and, based on this, we select those assets that provide the best risk, return and liquidity ratio.

Innovation and Technology

We make use of advanced technology and artificial intelligence to develop our approaches and processes in order to provide accurate analysis and innovative investment strategies.

Focus on Generations

We develop strategies that are designed to ensure your wealth is secure and can grow sustainably over generations.

Access to Global Markets

We help you access the international markets, allowing you to diversify your investments and expand your operations safely.

Contact us

Let us take care of your journey

São Paulo

  • Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 1329, 4º andar - CJ 42
  • Edifício Olympia Park
  • Vila Olímpia – São Paulo/SP
  • Fone: +55 (11) 3031-1698

Regensburg - Germany

  • Paarstrasse, 72

Porto Alegre

  • Avenida Mariland, 403/1003
  • Auxiliadora – Porto Alegre/RS
  • Fone: +55 (51) 3779-1759

Toronto - 

  • 76 Caribou Road, North York

Caxias do Sul

  • Avenida Therezinha Pauletti Sanvitto, 208
  • Sanvitto – Caxias do Sul/RS

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